WIDE AWAKE BEGAN in 1996 as an infrequently published newsletter for fans of work I produced through Sleeping Giant Comics. In 2000, the newsletter
went digital, but soon (very soon) evolved into a forum for new fiction, essays, reviews, and the occasional rant. This section contains reviews of Silver- and
Bronze-Age comics that I've written over the last six years. I've always felt that it's not really enough to declare a story, be it prose or illustrated, as "good" or
"bad" without explaining the particular aspects of the story that merit these subjective conclusions. My goal in writing Retro Reviews is not to persuade the
reader, but rather, to simply look back at the comics of yesteryear and what made them special (or less than special). While the bulk of the reviews follow a
particular format, earlier reviews (ie, those written at an earlier point during my writing career), may deviate from that format; time allowing, these may undergo
a stylistic retrofit, but don't hold your breath).
w   i   d   e     a   w   a   k   e   :   r   e   t   r   o     r   e   v   i   e   w   s
All material copyright © 1996-2009 David Yurkovich and Dianne Pearce.