WIDE AWAKE BEGAN in 1996 as an infrequently published newsletter for fans of work I produced through Sleeping Giant Comics. In 2000, the newsletter
went digital, but soon (very soon) evolved into a forum for new fiction, essays, reviews, and the occasional rant. This section contains general non-fiction
including thoughts and reflections about the comics industry as well as comicbook personalities, nonspecific essays, and other such forays into writing.
Political-flavoured rants can be found in the Opinion/Editorial section of WIDE AWAKE.

Not all content in this section is suitable for younger readers.
w   i   d   e     a   w   a   k   e   :    n   o   n   f   i   c   t   i   o   n
All material copyright © 1996-2009 David Yurkovich and Dianne Pearce.