It's no great secret that MySpace is among the most popular web sites on the planet. According to a 2006 article published in
REUTERS, it's also the most popular web site in the United States. MySpace accounts for nearly five percent of all web site visits. And
while it’s largely a vehicle for social networking and online dating, MySpace also offers musicians, both new and established, an outlet
to showcase their work. One such artist is Simara Rose of Starlit.

Simara has a sound that cannot be classified into any single genre. Her voice ranges from innocent and childlike to edgy punk
reminiscent of Souxsie Sious. Simara’s vocals are accompanied by edgy sounds, both programmed and live. And while you may not
have heard of her, nearly half-million web surfers have visited her MySpace page (over 40,000 of whom are registered on Starlit’s Friend
Space). To the music industry, the “Sinfully Seductively Brutally Beautiful” Simara may be a secret, but the secret is slowly being let out
of the bag. Credit must be given to Simara’s own determination and presence; she is clearly possessed of a drive to succeed—to not
only persevere but to, as she states “persafuckinvere.” The following interview with Simara was conducted on 21 August, 2006.

You’ve adopted a motto of Persafuckinvere. What does it mean, and to what extent has this defined who you are and what you do?

Oh man. This is my mantra. It is what keeps my soul, my mind, and my heart in check. It is the reason I am able to breathe. It means to
carry on, to overcome all obstacles, challenges, and what appear to be problems, failures, or letdowns and not only to carry on and
overcome, but to do so by gaining a strength, compassion, and positivity somehow from whatever you are going through or have been
through, no matter how bad it is.

To what extent has MySpace helped you to gain a larger audience?

It's given me the blessing of meeting, connecting to, and being inspired by thousands of people. I truly appreciate MySpace, errors and

The international industrial rock band KMFDM recently remixed your electrifying song MUTHER. What was it like working with
KMFDM? How did that collaboration happen?

I contacted Sascha Konietzko [KFMDM founding member]. It was amazing; come on, it's KMFDM!

You recorded a brilliant cover of Bowie’s MODERN LOVE. Typical covers don’t involve such a complete overhaul of the music. Why
did you redo the music rather than use the original music in the cover? Were you pleased with the end result?

I rarely desire to do a cover as I would rather do my our own music, and I didn't want to ride on the coat tails of the original artist by just
redoing it basically the same. I have always loved that song and when we were asked to do it I was honored and I decided we would do
our interpretation of it. And yes, I am truly in love with it, not in a conceited way but if you don't love your own work, why are you doing it?

What is your background insofar as music is concerned? What did you listen to growing up? What do you listen to now?

Hmm that's a doozey. I grew up moving all around the world, exposed to so many different cultures and genres with a mum who
encouraged me to be me as long as I did not hurt myself. I started being obsessed with classic film and musicals as I grew up I had
serious love affairs with everything from classic rock, to folk, to hardcore punk circa late 70s early 80s, to roots reggae, to industrial, to
vintage jazz, to classical, and world music. My current favorite bands/artists are Metallica without a doubt and the Andrews Sisters circa

You are very outspoken about your views on veganism, animal rights, human rights, etc. How long have you been a vegan, and to
what extent do you consider yourself an activist? To what extent does your music champion your beliefs?

I have been a vegetarian by my own choice since I was around 9 or 10, and a vegan since I was 16. Animal lib is the single-most-
important issue to me aside from true love and music. My daily actions, my choices, my thoughts are centered around vegans. Our
music reflects our beliefs, yet does so in a veil of poetically perfumed music and lyrics. We discuss many issues from gay rights to pro-
choice to anti-racism to discrimination to self-empowerment. Almost all the songs deal with fighting and winning against the evils of the

You share a lot of inspirational and empowering messages with your MySpace friends. Messages about success and individuality,
about believing in oneself, about kindness to animals, etc. Do you regard yourself as a positive force in the universe? If so, to what
do you attribute this calling?

I feel compelled to speak up for myself and that which I believe in. I feel compelled to share with others anything that has brought me
happiness, strength, or wisdom. Is it my calling? Animal lib, music, and true love are my callings. What I share with the world is actually
a gift to me as I am honored to actually connect to other people, having been alienated most of my life.

How do you approach songwriting? Do you typically write lyrics around music or vice-versa?

Sometimes, rarely I write lyrics without music.

Has Starlit preformed live? What are your thoughts about live versus studio performance?

Yes we did. Before we made our CD we played every hole in the wall to House of Blues. Playing live and being in the studio both have
their highlights. Studio for me is heaven. I am in “church” in the studio. Live shows when everything goes right are magical as well.

How has the Internet redefined how we discover new music? To what extent do you believe the Internet can affect an artist’s

Hmm, not to sure really. Obviously it makes music more accessible. But whether it gets someone signed or not I have no clue.

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