TWENTY-TWO YEARS after co-founding Warrant, bassist Jerry Dixon has found another musical outlet in the form of FOXX. Warrant is
still going strong--the band (fronted by its new vocalist, Jamie St. James) has been touring heavily in support of their most recent
release, BORN AGAIN (Down Boy Records). The equally hard-rocking FOXX consists of Jerry, lead vocalist Vené Arcoraci, and Warrant
guitarist Joey Allen. And before you start wondering how either Jerry or Joey can concentrate on music in the presence of the red-hot
Vené, you should know that she's already married, to none other than Mr. Dixon. Time will tell if FOXX will prove as successful (or as
much of a roller-coaster ride) as Warrant has proven to be. The recently formed trio has already recorded several tracks and has
produced its first video (Frankenstein Love, aka, Like a Heart Attack). If these freshmen efforts are any indication, it shouldn't be long
before FOXX is head-banging at a concert hall near you.

The following interview was conducted with Jerry (JD) and Vené (VA) in November 2006.

How did you and Vené meet and how long have you been together?

JD: We met in true Rock 'N Roll fashion at the Cat Club in Hollywood. Good times. We have been together for the better part of 5 years.

What lead to the formation of FOXX? Was it your idea, Vene's, Joey's, or a joint idea?

JD: FOXX started out as Vené  and I goofing around in the studio. The first time I heard her sing I said, “Holly shit, what a voice, girl...
we should record some music." We recorded our first song on our second date.  FOXX is fueled by word of mouth and by people
hearing it . We are the biggest of the smallest bands.

Aside from being able to tell your friends, "I'm sleeping with this gorgeous female lead singer in a rock band," what do you get from
recording with FOXX that you don't get from recording with Warrant?

JD: I approach it in the same way. Music is music to me. I always try and make it the best. The fun part is hearing her sing.

Describe the song-writing process for FOXX. Does it differ from the Warrant song-writing process, and if so, in what way? To what
extent (if any) are FOXX's/Vene's lyrics autobiographical?

JD: In most cases I will work on the music and just let Vené go. Sometimes I will outline a few parts.  She doesn’t like to over-think the
songs too much. She is amazing at ad libbing.

What does Vené contribute to the band? Her MySpace photo shows her holding a bass--does she play bass or any other

JD: I thought the bass photo was hot. She doesn’t play bass, but she does play the flute. We plan on adding that element in our next
batch of songs.

So many rock groups from past decades have vanished--either called it a day or imploded. How has Warrant persevered? How do
you suppose FOXX will persevere?

JD: Warrant has survived on pure will. It’s been a crazy ride both up and down. We have learned that you just need to be happy within.
Let the trends-trend and just do what we like. It’s only Rock and Roll. FOXX will do the same. As long as we enjoy what we do, people
will follow and feel the vibe of the band.

Vené has an interesting vocal style that runs the gamut from a softer Chrissie Hynde to a more edgy Lita Ford. What sort of artists
influenced her as she developed her vocal abilities? What are the challenges in finding one's own vocal "sound" and "owning" it?

VA: I sing whatever comes out. I studied Musical Theatre in college and have always been into Rock. I guess it's kinda the two

Are there any plans for Vené to record with Warrant? Similarly, are there any plans for a Warrant/FOXX double-billing in the near

JD: Nothing on the recording end (I never though about that ). That would be cool; thanks for the idea. We will at some point cross paths
on the live stage.

What are your thoughts on the music industry as it exists today versus 10 or 20 years ago? As more and more kids are born into
hip-hop and rap, with both genres getting massive airplay, do you suppose rock like Warrant and FOXX produces will continue to
survive and thrive?

JD: The business of music is all about the trends. Hip-hop is in and the kids are sporting the grills. I personally liked the mini-skirt ,
beer, and spandex. I like all music, but what I hate these days is the fabricated reality stars that lip sync. I wish people who buy records
would see that what they are buying is all bullshit. Wake up and smell the tapes.

What about recording in general? Have the technological advancements that make it possible to essentially cut an entire record in
one's home studio made writing and recording music more enjoyable or has it dulled the experience?

JD: I love the technology. It has been instrumental in my writing and with FOXX. However, if you want a great record, then people need to
remember the producers of old. It’s all about their magic and ears. We plan on taking FOXX to that level in the near future.

What do you listen to when you're not playing music?

VA: Sirius satellite station #23 (Hair Nation), Seether, Tesla.
JD: The little voices in my head.

It's been said that rock musicians have the greatest jobs on the planet. Aside from meeting strangers on planes asking to switch
seats with you, what are the highs and lows of touring? How does touring differ today than it did a decade ago? Do you still feel a
rush when playing before an audience?

JD: Touring these days for us is flying. The bus days are gone until summer. I still love playing, but the travel does get hard after 20

Both FOXX and Warrant maintain pages on MySpace, and you also have a page. What does MySpace offer with regard to the
creative output? Has the website been effective in reaching out to (or making new) fans?

JD: I hope so. Vené  loves MySapce. I think it’s great because it brings people together in a simple and fun way.

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