WIDE AWAKE BEGAN in 1996 as an infrequently published newsletter for fans of work I produced through Sleeping Giant Comics. In 2000, the newsletter
went digital, but soon (very soon) evolved into a forum for new fiction, essays, reviews, and the occasional rant. This section contains short fiction that I've
written over the last six years. I've learned a lot while writing on Wide Awake, about myself and about writing. I'm convinced that every word a writer puts
to pen and paper (or to Word document) is a lesson in the craft. It's all practice. Hopefully there's a grain or two of truth to the adage about practice making

Not all content in this section is suitable for younger readers.
w  i  d  e    a  w  a  k  e  :  j  o  u  r  n  a  l
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