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2009.03.01: Yurkovich's SEQUNTIALITY exhibit opens at El Camino College, Torrence, CA; runs through March 31.

2009.02.01: ALTERCATIONS 2, the graphic novel sequel to Yurkovich's history of super-hero activity in 20th-century North America,
available as a print-on-demand release at
Indy Planet.

2008.12.10: Work begins on new NYSS graphic novel, approximately 150 pages
2008.12.04: New site build completed: Jack Price Design

2008.09.15: Multiple projects "in production" including a new SHOP graphic novel, NATURAL FORCES.

2008.07.25: SGC relocates to San Fernando Valley.

2008.04.01: New client and site build: Renowned Venice artist and designer Andre Jackson

2008.02.02: New client and site build: Marius Morsels
2008.02.01: MANTLO: A LIFE IN COMICS now a free digital download on WOWIO! Click HERE to download.

2007.12.28: SGC site redesign begins.

2007.08.15: NOCTURNE, SGC's exclusive web comic, goes live.

2007.06.19: MANTLO: A LIFE IN COMICS in stores now, and available for online ordering.

2007.02.24: Di and Dave's original children's picture book, Chad's Best Birthday Ever!, is now repped by Donna Eastman and
Gloria Koehler of Parkeast Literary Agency (a Blue Ribbon agency).
2007.02.22: DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: REDUX now available for preorder on Amazon. Top Shelf has posted a ten-page preview of
DBC Redux.
2007.02.03: A new graphic novel enters production. Comic book writer and critic Tony Isabella, commenting on a preview copy of the
Bill Mantlo Benefit project, states "It is a wonderful book." Yurkovich interviewed by INCREDIBLE HULK writer Greg Pak. An open
appeal for donations is posted on the Comic Book Industry Alliance forum.

2007.01.12: Post-production work continues for DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: REDUX. Top Shelf has scheduled a June 2007 release
Click here to view the cover. Outlines and concept development begins for proposed 60-issue comic book series.
2007.01.02: DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: REDUX officially added to Top Shelf's 2007 schedule.

2006.12.21: Drawings five through eight completed for untitled children's project. Final files being created for the Bill Mantlo Project.
2006.12.08: Yurkovich discusses the Bill Mantlo Project with Caleb Gerard of Comic World News. First three (of an estimated 64)
illustrations completed for untitled children's project.
2006.12.03: Initial breakdowns commence for untitled 2007 children's project authored by Dianne Pearce. Editing and proofreading
of Bill Mantlo Project begins.

2006.11.25: Interview with Jerry Dixon (WARRANT) and Vené Arcoraci (MINORITY REPORT, MAD TV) on their new rock 'n roll venture,
Bill Mantlo Project back cover, inside covers, table of contents, completed. Page count increased from 64 to 72 pages.
2006.11.09: Bill Mantlo Project font cover completed.
2006.11.05: Bill Mantlo Project Call for Donations press release distributed to the comics community.
2006.11.04: Death by Chocolate: Redux added to Top Shelf Production's 2007 schedule for June release.

2006.10.29: Work commences on allanmoyle.com, a web site being designed and managed by SGC for acclaimed writer/director
Allan Moyle.
2006.10.27: Bill Mantlo Benefit Project interview on COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. Yurkovich chats with CBR's Greg Hatcher about the
upcoming Bill Mantlo tribute magazine.
2006.10.26: HERO INITIATIVE (ACTOR) spotlights the upcoming Bill Mantlo tribute project. Special thanks to Jim McLauchlin.
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