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M R    S C H T I C K
That right. I'll make you look so fine.
L E T ' S   B E   H O N E S T .  .  .

Creativity is like a hole in a dam. You can try to bung it up, but it just keeps pouring out.

What the heck to do with all that water, er, uh, creative juice?

Welcome to Mr. Schtick et. al., the brain-children of Sleeping Giant Creations
co-founder Dianne Pearce.

Says Pearce, "Some people like coffee and cake for dessert. I like sarcasm. I flatter myself that I
possess the fine, lost art of wit."

Known for being a big snob, a horrible dresser, and watching the BBC (where she no doubt heard
about things like "wit," because certainly no one around here told her about it I can assure you),
Pearce's comments are totally to be discounted.

Unlike her comments though, Pearce's t-shirts are not to be discounted, at least if sales figures are
right. The little buggers are burning up the web. Stop by and see what the little buggers are up to.

Some are sweet, some are for children, but beware, some are saucy! Why not take your life firmly in
your little hands and view
the entire collection today?
What's that you say? "Website-only special?
I can't believe it!" But it's true! Our most
popular t-shirt, "Oh damn it's you," is on sale!

Available in the sizes M,  L,  XL,  XXL.

Only $11.99 including shipping, while
supplies last, baby!
Get yours today! (and be sure to indicate
which size you prefer).
O H   D A M N ,   W E ' R E   H A V I N G   A   S A L E   ( Y O U   L U C K Y   B A S T I D S ) .  .  .