BANANA SEAT SUMMER is graphic novelist and Sleeping
Giant Creations co-founder David Yurkovich's debut prose
novel. Part creative nonfiction memoir, part homespun
adventure, the novel chronicles the exploits of two boys and
their last golden summer. Money-making schemes, haunted
forests, mischief, and the search for the perfect clubhouse
abound in this tale set in the early 1970s. A throwback to the
days of youth in an era prior to 24-hour satellite television,
video games, cell phones, and the Internet, BANANA SEAT
SUMMER is a nostalgic glimpse of the real innocence of
baby-boomer childhood.

BANANA SEAT SUMMER is represented by Donna Eastman
of  Parkeast Literary Agency.

HERE to read an excerpt from BANANA SEAT SUMMER.
All material copyright © 1996-2006 David Yurkovich and Dianne Pearce.