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"[THE S.H.O.P. is] darkly cynical, with a unique sense of humor that works perfectly." – iComics
YURKOVICH'S 64-PAGE GRAPHIC novel, THE S.H.o.P (Super Heroes of Philadelphia) is a one-shot that
delves into the adventures of a quartet of super-heroes based in Philadelphia and is a sequel to Top Shelf's
LESS THAN HEROES collection.

This reality-based examination of the world of super-heroics is told from the point of view of the Cosmopolitan, a
one-time super-hero who was once a member of THRESHOLD (THE S.H.o.P.'s former signature name).

Now blind, the Cosmopolitan lives in the wreckage of his team's former headquarters and recalls the events that
lead to the fall of THRESHOLD and the formation of THE S.H.o.P. In the process he must face his own inner
demons and, perhaps, compromise his own sense of morality for the good of others.

Critics have praised THE S.H.o.P., stating that it contains more characterization and story than an entire year of
most mainstream super-hero books. Don't miss this unique and disquieting story. It may likely change the way
you think about super-hero comics.

64 black and white pages; color covers, $4.95

This title is currently sold out, but you can download the FULL-COLOR DIGITAL SHOP
at no charge. Click
HERE to download.
All material copyright © 1996-2008 David Yurkovich.
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