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BILL'S FANS ARE indeed a special lot of individuals. Since this project was first announced, support has been very high.
More recently, when I began soliciting donations for this project, I had no idea Bill's fans would be so willing to help out.
But you have, and it is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks to your help, this book was nearly fully funded, and nearly $2500
was donated toward Bill's care! You are all super-heroes.

David Yurkovich, 2007

A n d   n o w ,  a   f e w   w o r d s   f r o m   B i l l ' s   f a n s   a n d   s u p p o r t e r s . . .

"...I'm so glad to know that someone has committed to let the world know about Bill and his contributions as a writer and
artist -- and that it's happening in his lifetime."
Iris Morales
New York, NY

"I'm the current writer of Marvel's "Incredible Hulk" -- Bill Mantlo was a genius and his "Hulk" run has been a huge
inspiration to me.  So thanks so much for putting this tribute book together -- you're the best."
Greg Pak
Brooklyn, NY

"Excellent idea David, keep up the rewarding work.......many fond memories of Bill's stories."
Colin Mathieson
Manchester, United Kingdom

"Thanks for letting us support this cause ... please pass on the regards of his fans over here in the UK."
Dave West
Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom

"All the best for the book!"
Max Thorne
South Brisbane, Australia

"Few writer's can match Bil Mantlo for the number of comics I enjoyed and was addicted to as a kid.  The HULK, MARVEL
TEAM-UP,IRON MAN, et al.  When I picked up a Mantlo comic I knew I would have a joy ride of action and characters and
wild concepts.   

Mantlo knew the key to comics was fun and ideas.  I also was proud to find new series as a kid. It made me feel like
somehow this book was my own.  THE HUMAN FLY and ROM were two of those.  I remember his Hulk was so
imaginative it made me crazy! I almost wept when he and Byrne traded THE HULK and ALPHA FLIGHT.  I suspected it was
a request that could not be refused by Byrne, Marvel's star at the time.  Too bad.  Both were ill-suited for the titles they
ended up on.   

But one cannot deny that Mantlo threw himself into every book, even the rush jobs.  I loved his SPECTACULAR
SPIDER-MAN!  It connected with me in a way the other Spidey books didn't, grounded as it was on Peter's campus life. I
could relate to school!  And to the characters around Pete.   

Like many,I also fell in love with Mantlo and Golden's MICRONAUTS.  I was always disappointed the main epic was
resolved in only 14 issues, but Mantlo kept it interesting for a long and healthy run.  Little men of plastic never felt so
alive.  And it takes a remarkable imagination to make a toy like ROM interesting!

"Bill was a great writer and an even better friend!"
Tom DeFalco
Merrick, NY

"[I] was a friend of ol' Bill back when he was young Bill and cranking out a mind-bogglingly voluminous quantity of some of
the most exciting, ridiculous, literate, awful, thoughtful, and sublime--in a word, great--comic stories of an era noted for
great comic stories. The thought of what happened to him hurts me, and I only wish I could do more--there isn't a dollar
figure I'd ever be able to muster that would repay Bill for all the enjoyment his work has given me. As inadequate as it
seems, this is at least something...thank you for putting all of this together. It's the sort of thing the fan community should
have done a long time ago, and I'm going to be trying to round up some other friends of Bill to help support the cause."
Jeremy Riddle
Ringgold, GA

"I'm a big fan/collector of Bills work, his stories fueled my imagination growing up and I hope to pass them onto my own
kids someday. I was very sad to hear about his accident, I would appreciate if you could pass on my appreciation of his
work. I look forward to reading more about his life in comics. "
Haydn Harris
Milton, Ontario Canada

"Thank you for your project.  What happened to Bill was a great loss. I hope he is comfortable and knows how much fans
loved his work."
Robert Pincombe
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Excellent idea, David. Good luck with the project!"
Scott Davis
Weare, NH

"Thank you for doing this. Best wishes to Bill..."
Stan Wedeking
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you very, very much.  I've loved Bill's work for years--his ROM and MICRONAUTS were up there with Claremont's
X-MEN as far as I was concerned when I was younger and I wish I could let him know how much his work has meant to
David Branson
Arlington, VA

"David--great job. Happy to contribute. Bill is a vastly underrated writer . I loved MICRONAUTS, SWASHBUCKLERS, and
his HOWARD magazine. Only too pleased to be able to contribute. Regards."
Chris Dingsdale
Llandudno, Conwy, United Kingdom

"Fantastic work! Thank you for creating this tribute! (Minor nit-pick correction: Cloak's last name is Johnson, not
Washington.)" [Thanks, all fixed!-DY]
Corey Blake,
Los Angeles, CA

"My best to Bill, and my thanks to him for responding in print to a few of my youthful letters to the editor (MICRONAUTS,
HOWARD THE DUCK). That was significant validation for a kid who would grow up to write himself. Thirty years later, it
still resonates."
Joseph Christiano
Berkeley, CA

"Thanks for doing this for Mr. Mantlo.  His stories entertained thousands of people, and it's nice to know he's not
forgotten.  Don't forget to include some material on CAPTAIN UNIVERSE.  Although I realize it's unlikely, you may want to
contact Steve Ditko and see if he has anything to say about Bill Mantlo, since he worked on ROM, MICRONAUTS, and
CAPTAIN UNIVERSE with him. Looking forward to the book!"
Scott Rowland
Upland, CA

"Keep up the great work, David!"
Phillip Hester
North English, IA

"As a professional comics inker, and child of '70's Marvel, I'm happy to help with the project!"
Charles Yoakum
San Rafael, CA

"Keeping found memories of your stories M Mantlo!"
Bastien Larriaga
Boulogne, France

"Thanks for this effort.  I probably never would have been a comics fan if I hadn't stumbled across Micronauts and Rom,
way back in grade school.  Best wishes to Bill and his family."
Will Collier
Smyrna, GA

"This is a wonderful thing, best of luck!"
Evan Stark
Newburgh, NY

"This is a wonderful project. I'm a big fan of Bill's Hulk stories with Sal Buscema. Thanks for doing this!"
Ray Cornwell
Avon by the Sea, NJ

"Looking forward to the book.  Bill gave me so much great entertainment during my childhood."
Joe Pacheco
West Hollywood, CA