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12.22.06: Acclaimed writer Brian K. Vaughn will be featured in a short interview in the Bill Mantlo project.
Brian discusses Bill's achievements.

12.10.06: Indy writer David Hopkins on Bill Mantlo.

12.08.06: New interview at Comic World News!

11.26.06: First draft completed. Edit, fact-check, and proofreading begins.

11.21.06: Mantlo project expanded to 72 pages. The initial projection of 64 pages proves to be inaccurate
due to the amount of information and interviews. Additionally, the previously unpublished material
encompasses in excess of 10 pages.

11.10.06: Front and back covers done. Will undergo edits as more creators join the project, but the graphics
are basically finished.

11.08.06: Your HELP is needed! An appeal to Bill Mantlo's fans.

10.27.06: The Comic Book Resources Interview.
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12.15.07: Spanish-language edition of Mantlo: A Life in Comics slated for fall 2008.

10.01.07: ROM: SPACEKNIGHT benefit project announced.

8.8.07: $2112 donated toward Bill's care thanks to you! Click HERE to read more.

6.19.07: MANTLO: A LIFE IN COMICS In stores today. Read the Broken Frontier review.

6.19.07: New interview at World Famous Comics!

02.21.07: Incredible Hulk writer Greg Pak plugs MANTLO: A LIFE IN COMICS on Comic News Insider podcast
episode 77!

02.09.07: Interview with Incredible Hulk writer Greg Pak (Greg interviews Yurkovich on the upcoming project).

02.01.07: An appeal to the Comic Book Industry Alliance.

01.02.2007: Mike Mantlo interviewed at JAZMA Online.

01.11.07: Benefit book galleys off to Diamond Comic Distributors.

01.28.07: "It is a wonderful book." (comics writer and critic Tony Isabella on the Bill Mantlo Benefit Book.)
Click below to preview A LIFE IN COMICS
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