"Yurkovich is one of the most original voices in comics" – TONY ISABELLA, Tony's Online Tips
SIR GEOFFREY AND THE CHOCOLATE CAR was Yurkovich's first attempt to cross genres in sequential
story-telling. Serious attempts at mixing drama with talking animals usually meet with mixed reaction at best.
Nonetheless, at the center of this story was Geoffrey, a talking canine from another dimension who arrives on
Earth in the past. Determined to become a great writer, Geoffrey seeks out Ernest Hemingway (whom he
regards as the greatest living storyteller on Earth).

Meanwhile, Agents Swete and his female companion, Anderson, unravel the mystery of a chocolate car and, in
doing so, find themselves thrown into the past and in direct contact with Geoffrey. To complicate matters,
Swete, Anderson, and Geoffrey's foray in time travel has alerted a space-time regulatory agency which seeks
to prevent the trio's bumbling from adversely altering reality as we know it.

Originally published in 1997 as a 32-page, black and white one-shot and long out of print, SIR GEOFFREY is
featured in Top Shelf's DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: REDUX collection. The art has been enhanced for this new
All material copyright © 1996-2008 David Yurkovich and Dianne Pearce
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