"Quite frankly, a lot of artists could learn from Yurkovich’s eye for movement and perspective." – READ ABOUT COMICS
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE was created and conceived in 1994 as a five-page short story entitled THE SECRET
ORIGIN OF THE CHOCOLATEER. Although this short story was never published, Yurkovich salvaged several of the
layouts of this first draft and expanded the story to a full 32-page tale, drawn largely in nine-panel grid format.

Yurkovich worked briefly for an alternative comics publisher known largely for producing stories of a controversial
nature and chock full of "shock value" images and scenarios. Disillusioned by the publisher's dishonest business
practices, and not wishing to be associated with the "adult" comics market, Yurkovich walked away from the
assignment after completing the first two chapters. Interestingly, although Yurkovich did not submit the second
chapter of artwork to the publisher; the publisher nonetheless obtained photocopies and subsequently printed the
photocopied art without the artist's consent. This further convinced Yurkovich that breaking away had been the
right decision.

As DEATH BY CHOCOLATE was nearing completion, David learned about the Xeric Foundation through Maria
Lapham. He completed the necessary paperwork, obtained a business license, and submitted his work for grant
consideration. DEATH BY CHOCOLATE was awarded funding several months later by the Xeric Foundation. The
comic was published in February 1996; it marked the debut of Sleeping Giant in the comics industry. The images
below are reworked from the original artwork for publication in Top Shelf's collection, DEATH BY CHOCOLATE:
REDUX. The trade paperback compilation was published summer 2007 and is currently available from Top Shelf
Productions and at select comic shops worldwide.
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