"[H]e quite simply puts out some of the freshest and best-written books dealing with the superhero ideal." – Sequential Tart
THE BROCCOLI AGENDA is the story of a young boy whose love of broccoli forever changes his life. Absurd and compelling, THE BROCCOLI
AGENDA mixes crime fiction, religious metaphor, super-heroics, romance, adventure, and other genres into a combination that is amazingly original
and fully engrossing.

As he's done with other super-hero titles, Yurkovich examines the super-hero genre with unique realism, as evidenced by the quartet of heroes
known as the Basic Four, a non-combat unit that is suddenly forced into action when a diabolical villain, the Sous Chef, attempts to destroy an
elementary school and its occupants.

THE BROCCOLI AGENDA is a lofty read, told in a singular narrative, with a voice all its own. 96 black and white page; $7.95.

NOTE: THE BROCCOLI AGENDA includes graphic violence and adult language. It is recommended for mature readers.

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